I have an uncle who just finished chemo. His legs are badly swollen from the the drug cocktail he was given and although I have been detoxing continuously from Christmas, I am stuck. I have tried fluid retention but still no luck.

1. Generally, fluid retention like you mention is caused by kidney compromise and/or heart compromise (if the heart is not pumping strongly enough, there's not enough 'flow' through the kidneys for them to function adequately), and/or the blood is too "thick" (many times due to dehydration --- vicious circle, we see fluid retention so we drink less water = thicker blood = more edema/fluid retention).

So focusing on *always* full hydration plus kidney & heart programs should be a good place to start.

2. Swelling or water / fluid retention with cancer patients in advance stage is a common problem, lymphatic cleans is what always help.

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