A member of my family has been diagnosed with helicobacter pylori. I am using black remote with h.pylori program with the preset to kill JW or JK. Is it correct to do it or is it better to run the white remote?

1. Use the black remote for no more than 4 days. After that it makes the bugs stronger. Switch to white remote. This will give it a punch in the beginning then a steady kill with white. Be sure to use the User Guide to train you how to give extra powerful punches to this super bug.

2. When using a remote with Plasma to target a pathogen, it is best to run the remote (white is preferred as Suzi has mentioned) 24/7.

Typically, if you have 3 generators to pull this off, you would use one to drive the plasma, one generator to run a remote based program to kill 24/7, and one generator to run detox/support to help clear toxins from die off from the body.

If you only have 2 generators, it would then be best to use one generator to run plasma, then switch to remote for killing the same target for the remainder of the time between plasma applications, while the 2nd generator performs detox/support.

If you only have one generator, then it may be best to use it to run the plasma, and run detox/support via remote until you switch back to plasma.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

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