I’m systematically sick when I use my Spooky. I first tried detox, then I had flu. After a break, I tried cough and cold, but it only got worse. When I was cured, I tried to work on the immune system, I fell ill again.

1. You may have chronic toxicity. I would try the terrain protocol first. Most people with chronic conditions that I have helped with chronic conditions, first they see an improvement and after a few weeks they get acutely ill. That's because they start to detox, which is needed to resolve their condition. Now I pause after a couple of weeks to run terrain, so the detox happens more gently. In your case, you seem to be starting to detox right away, so I would run terrain first if I were you.

2. Also, maybe use shorter program times at once, or be sure to pause or stop at the first hint of an issue, so the detox symptoms don't get bad.

I fully understand wanting to get rid of the toxicity, but not being able to due to the shear quantity that needs to move and limited pathways to get it out.
I really don't like lots of garbage continuously pouring out of the sinuses and lungs...

3. Drinking a little lemon water daily helps you detox. As does epsom salt with baking soda baths. Also, taking a charcoal capsule (made from coconuts) - 2 hours away from pills or supplements/or at bedtime gently helps absorb toxins in your system.

4. Try this: Clear any imbalance physically, emotionally, mentally and psychically. I suspect this is way beyond your physical.

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