What should I run if I want to improve ASD (autism spectrum disorders)?

1. For those that do not know what ASD means. What are the autism spectrum disorders?

A spectrum disorder is a mental disorder that includes a range of linked conditions, sometimes also extending to include singular symptoms and traits. The different elements of a spectrum either have a similar appearance or are thought to be caused by the same underlying mechanism.

Yes, Veron Low if I were to help someone with ASD I would probably loop the terrain protocol... and then Rife some Spooky2 Pulse biofeedback frequencies and then Rife Autism, Vaccine detox, detox frequencies that sound relevant, and heavy metal detox. I would probably start with these elements.

I would also rife "Vaccine Toxins" and "Thimerosal" with white top remote and healing (x) xx preset while drinking as much distilled water per 24 hours as possible (under a gallon)

If I wanted to improve my mind and mental comprehension I would probably rife these following frequencies of mind and mental.

And these

Also if enter "learn" will see these updates

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2. For autism, in general, I would concentrate on killing the bad gut flora, and parasites. It is not so easy, because many toxins will be generated, so just slowly with many detoxing, chlorella, spirulina, chitosan, and probiotics.

Leaky gut frequency seems to be good for gut flora, there may be others as well, and look it up. You can also get the stool analyzed at a doctor that will give you a list of the gut bacteria found. Then you just have to google all of them one by one and make a list for the bad ones only.

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