I've been running 3-7 generators for myself. All of a sudden, I'm so exhausted I can barely function. I'm actually so tired, I could hardly think of how to ask about this. I just want to sleep. Feels like mono.

1. Hard to say.

I had that exact day yesterday. I blame the sever weather. Feeling better today, but not 100% yet.

Taking a break isn't a bad idea. Maybe you just got to the point where you need some extra rest.

2. We are exposed to frequencies all day long. You get them from natural sources of the Earth like the Schumann. You get not so good ones like from your cell phone and WiFi routers.

You are exposed to frequencies 24/7 from your AC wires in your house, the grid, the city you live in. Switch on a light bulb, there's some more for ya.

So where do you draw the line on long periods of time? What makes Rife frequencies unnatural? The use of a square wave? Because natural frequencies tend to be sine waves, would that then qualify as natural?

Many have exposed themselves to Rife frequencies for years without frequency toxicity.

If you have a generator lock and you get subjected to a static frequency for long enough, you may suffer from frequency fatigue. Depends on your personal threshold of tolerance. However, if you find that it is static and you stop it, you recover fairly quickly.

Before you fear Rife frequencies, you may want to check what's already around you.

I agree grounding is a good practice and worth investing time into.

3. Please keep in mind the following:

1. Contact is not done 24/7
2. Plasma is not done 24/7
3. Remote, no single frequency is done 24/7

In remote mode, there is no actual frequency wave traversing through your body. Only the information of the frequency is registered.

John White and common sense dictates that one should not run something longer than needed.

John White's reference to frequency toxicity was for a static carrier wave that is used to do nothing. Not frequency treatment in general. Just happens that the SC is the only plasma device at this time that can avoid using a static carrier and hit the appropriate frequencies directly.

Yes, most of the examples are genesis for dis-eased states; hence, why I used them as an example of areas one should look into.

Also, can you point me anywhere where there is a recommended cut off point for any protocol, other than until issue is resolved?

For more details, please check the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/730480643780508/

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