I want to use the plasma tube next to my jaw to treat my teeth which might harbour co-infections. I see under Misc presets there is a dental protocol, but only for remote, it's missing in the plasma folder.

I provided the Overall Dental Health (R) - JK preset. At the time it was created, the Spooky Central was not yet available and I have yet to actually provide a Plasma version.

In fact, on 6/4 according to my notes, I treated a very bad tooth ache that I got the day before (I wasn't home when it hit) via plasma (Phanotron) with great results.

First application nuked the pain, and one additional follow up application 12 hours later sealed the deal. In between, I ran P02 System Detox - DB to detox which is found in the M&L protocol.

My tooth did not require any further treatment, root canal, crown, etc. It was still soar for a few days afterwards, but by the time I got to the dentist a week later (already had an appointment), nothing was found to be wrong. I almost thought I was going to have to go in early.

In any event, the way I set it up was as follows:

1. Select the Overall Dental Health (R) - JK preset by clicking on it. It is found in the Miscellaneous\Remote collection.

2. Then uncheck the Load Programs box that you find just to the top of the preset listbox. This will allow you to retain the frequency sets while you change the shell preset you are going to use.

3. Careful not to accidentally click any other presets on your way over, navigate to Shell (Empty) Presets\Plasma and click on Spooky Central Entrainment and Healing - JW (you can elect to use the new plasma preset if you wish, but this one replicates what I used back in June).

Verify after selecting that the Programs Box in the center still shows the 4 Dental Frequency Programs. If not, repeat the above 3 steps.

4. Click on the Programs tab and change the Dwell Multiplier from 1 to 2 to double the frequency application time.

5. Click on the Settings tab and verify that the amplitude is 5 volts, offset is 100/100, a square wave is in use, etc... to ensure that the plasma shell took effect.

6. Load the program to your generator driving the SC, and you are set to go.

I placed the plasma in front of my mouth as I lied down but kept about 1/2 an inch distance from the glass. I had to slightly tilt my head back to shade my eyes from the flashing light as it was bright, even with my eyes closed. If this does not work for you, suggest using the cold laser glasses or a blindfold of some sort. Warning after the program ends, you will still feel like you see flashes of light for about 30 minutes after.

The total runtime with the dwell doubled to 6 minutes for each frequency is 5 hours. Suggest you do this while taking a nap if you can keep everything in place while you sleep.

For more details, please check the link:

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