Each time the ALS frequencies are running, I get nasty gut pain in my stomach. Why would it cause issues only in my stomach, nowhere else?

There's a nasty gastro virus going around where I live. I noticed a couple of frequencies from ALS also apply to Adenovirus. I would try to identify the frequency associated with the pain and then see what other conditions it lines up with. Maybe it's a gut bug. On another note, I have found that Rifing for parasites close to a full moon tends to kill more than I can handle, and the herx is nasty. I basically don't Rife for parasites five days before or after the full moon (when parasites tend to detach from intestinal wall to propagate and are more vulnerable). Here's the moon calendar for this month: http://www.moongiant.com/calendar/ Thought I'd pass this along and perhaps save you a bit of herx misery.

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