Can someone tell me few programs for dandruff, hair loss, and to regrow lost hair?

1. Candida and yeast are main cause of dandruff. Anxiety, worry and depression (often hidden and not debilitating) can cause hair loss. There are many depression, anxiety, hypothalamus balancing treatments, and a PTSD treatment in database. The PTSD seems also to be a good de-stressor - according to a recent post. Type 'balance'' and other associated words in database.

2. The magazine 'What doctors don't tell you' (Jan) discusses auto-immune diseases, and features two women with hair loss. They both had gut problems and had to eliminate dairy/gluten, processed foods, increase fruit and veg (organic if possible), eat fish, take probiotics, exercise (and detox) - you get the picture.

3. It seems there are programs for Hair Loss or Alopecia. 

There are also programs for minerals, vitamins, and other organ balance programs since it is often hard to know why the hair loss occurred.

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