How long should I run the experimental Molecular weight frequencies (vitamins, minerals) everyday to be effective?

1. As MW programs are experimental, and depending on whether you are using Remote or Contact the run times will be different. If the frequencies are correct you may experience something beneficial, nothing at all, some expected side effect, or perhaps some unexpected side effect.

If you have chosen a MW element program it is more likely to work. If you have selected a MW substance program then the results are even more unpredictable because we don't know if this approach will work. When I create MW substance programs I proceed them with a warning "Experimental Molecular Frequencies for NADH - USE AT OWN RISK " as an example. If you report your findings when running MW programs it will help further our knowledge in these experiments.

2. I have tested many Molecular Weight sets with vitamins, minerals, and substances like dopamine, serotonin, L-tyrosine and L-tryptophan...

They seem to be the right frequency for those substances, I could feel the effect. But regarding to dose, the right amount of run time, it's very very uncertain, none so far really knows that yet.

Try a few hours per day, see how do you feel.

When u stop running them, the body doesn't expel the frequencies, they stop affecting your body, and their effect just fades away, the benefits or harmful effect should remain for some while probably, but it's not like ingesting material substances...seems more safer.

I still prefer to ingest in material form those to be safe, regarding dose, but there are some people here that use them as frequencies and reported great effect, like better skin and so on.

Experiment, these frequencies came from calculations and science, it's not a waste of time.

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