When doing an all biofeedback scan in one go you get the top ten hits. If you do it in 1/4 scans you get 10 hits each time or do you reduce these. Or run all you get over the 4 scans ?

Only that if you were going to run the results for say 7 days, you may wish to run them over 14 days.

20 hits is a 1 hour contact session, or a 1 hour remote loop. So 40 hits would just be a 2 hour contact session, and a 2 hour remote loop is well within limits.

When I did my biofeedback scans and application, I would typically combine the prior 20 hits with my current 20 hits for a 2 hour remote loop and had no issues.

You could indeed just use all 40 hits and if following a simple protocol, apply all 40.

If you are inserting all 40 hits into a complex protocol that has only 1 hour carved out for the scan results, then you may wish to grade all 40 and take the top 20.

Another way to pair it down, is that the frequencies returned from each quarter scan are already listed in order of response.

You could just take the first 5 frequencies from each quarter scan and create a new program combining all 20 frequencies for use in your protocol.

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