During cancer biofeedback scans, we can't get the Single Scan box to stay "clicked". It un-selects itself and won't stay selected. How do we get it to accept a single scan only?

1. Try this: first, in Control, click the Delete button to remove programs. In Programs, click the Delete button as well if you see any in the Loaded Programs column. In Presets, click the rightmost Delete button.

Now choose your biofeedback preset. In Control, tick Allow Channel Overwrites and click the button for the generator you wish to use - please be sure this is the correct generator. You should see that the Single Scan box is ticked.

2. The single scan will uncheck if there are any frequencies loaded in the generator, as it is not a valid option when this is the case.

Since there are frequencies loaded, it will treat it as a refinement scan.

David Bourke's advice above will reset everything so that the problem goes away.

This is not an OS issue.

This is also a result of clicking a biofeedback scan template, and failing to load it to the generator to clear what was there before. Ensure you set allow generator overwrites and actually load it ,even though the act of clicking the preset already changes most of the values to be what you expect.

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