I was told when you are going to do a biofeedback scan the generators must be off. Does this mean all programs are finished and nothing is on the generators? Can you pause your programs while you do the biofeedback scans and then resume?

When you do a biofeedback scan, you can't be receiving any other frequency except from the generator doing the biofeedback program. Failing to do so, make the whole scan session useless, because Spooky2 doesn't know which of the different freqs being delivered is producing the stress.

Any other generator must be paused or stopped before attempting to do the scan. I would pause the other generators with enough time to allow your body to stabilize.

Pause is a valid option. To clarify, stop does not mean physically power off the generator.

As for the amount of time to allow for stabilization, this may vary from person to person. Some have advised to exercise briefly before performing the scan, as this helps some who have pulse reading issues -- take a simple walk, etc. Perhaps combining the two can be worth the time invested prior to the scan. Suggest a 15 minute break after pausing all generators as a starting point.

As for after the scan, there is no need to wait. The programs can be resumed as soon as you have finished saving your results.

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