After one completes a Biofeedback Cancer Scan and saves the results, should one run an Optimization Scan on the results? Is the optimization worthwhile or a waste of time?

The simple answer is what did the scan find, what do you have of concern and what are the numbers and results of the scan- no way to give you an intelligent answer without information. Best if you try and run the test and see if its of value to you, the program would not be there if it did not have value.

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    steve labo

    Hi Penny, your answer did not seem that useful in the context of the question. The reason is that many times when you do a biofeedback scan, you obtain many frequencies which don't have results in a reverse lookup. And even if there are reverse lookup results, I may wish to continue to use the frequencies found in the biofeedback scan rather than go to the programs of listed reverse lookup conditions. So the question then is: is it worthwhile to optimize the biofeedback scan results or not regardless of the frequencies found, the condition in question and the numbers/results of the scan. Basically a biofeedback scan provides numbers without decimal places. They are supposed to be exact frequencies which match my current body response whereas running these same frequencies immediately after in an optimize scan will change the frequencies slightly and provide two decimal places. Maybe no one knows for sure if this is a worthwhile time investment or not, but perhaps John White or David B might have a better suggestion? After all, someone who wrote the program should be able to answer more specifically right? I look forward to finding out. Thanks, Steve

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    I came here looking for the same answers as Steve.

    We ran the bioscan, a list of 10 numbers showed up, but no corresponding condition is related to them in the reverse look up or analysis.

    I'm guessing if there is an exiting condition, running a single frequency for it, isn't often the most effective treatment.  So either it's broken or we did something wrong.  I followed the instructional video on the site how to do the biofeedback scan.

    Any info on this would be helpful.  Thanks. 

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