Can anyone tell me if they have tried a particular method for healing fungus or ringworm? Do you use remote, cold laser, hand cylinder, tens pads or what? Need some relief fast as it is driving my wife out of her mind with itching and pain.

1. I have used both Plasma and mostly white Remote using "ringworm" CAFL programs. Additionally, I rubbed cold pressed organic coconut oil on ringworm and surround whenever I felt the urge to scratch. I maintained the coconut oil application until the ringworm finally disappeared several months later. Constant application of coconut oil at least 3 times a day even when the itching has stopped and for several weeks after the ringworm marks have vanished.

2. My goto mix for "itching" is coconut base or almond oil with Oil of Oregano, Clove oil, and Cinnamon, Theives oil set too works.
Apis Homeopathic is another good one I found.

America used to have Several Homoeopathic Colleges, until the AMA got their claws into the political system and destroyed that very useful skill here.

Other countries continue to use it with great results. The Queen Mother and the rest of her clan use it too. Does SHE get Vaccines? Unlikely.
That is reserved for the Sheeple.

BTW here's a link for some ammunition for you when discussing why you might consider NOT getting Jabbed...50 reports proving vaccines are NOT 100% safe as Network News reports.

For more details, please check the link:

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