I ran Thyroid and a Lymph program for a friend for one day a few weeks ago. Then she developed huge tennis size lumps under both arm pits. One went away immediately and the other is much smaller but even with lymph massages.

There are lymph nodes in the armpits that can swell. It could mean you are not detoxing adequately. This has happens to me though more like size of your thumb. Could look into
Lymph drain circulation (xtra) and
Lymphs and Detox (PROV)

I also used magnesium oil which is vital to the body's fluid system and greatly reduces pain and inflammation. I use it for painful breast cysts nearly every night and helps with fatty tissue tumors.

Though this is not intended to take the place of a doctor. Just what helped me. You can look into Lyme Herxheimer 1 and 2 and other detox to open your detox pathways depending on # of gens dedicated to it. I had to stop Rifing for 2 weeks. Hers being that much larger, I do not know what that could be.

Drinking a gallon of water a day is vital.

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