Trying to figure out which program/programs to run (remotely) for the following issues: Pituitary macroadenoma (benign tumor) to shrink/eliminate, Mast cell activation disorder/histamine intolerance, Mold toxicity , POTS , Leaky gut, Lyme.

The first suggestion is to run Terrain Protocol to start detox within the body. There is a Remote Preset that is just start it and let it run for 11 days - with just checks on it to make sure it is still working.

If you have already done that, there are 2 Pituitary programs that discuss pituitary and adenoma;
Hyperpituitarism KHZ
Pituitary Diseases KHZ.
These could both be run in the HC or KHZ Shell Preset. The Notes for this Preset say it can be used as is or change the waveform to Inverted Sawtooth waveform (done in the Settings tab).

I would also blend in some detox type programs in. Blood Cleanser is recommended in the notes of the above and another:
Blood Cleanser Cancer XTRA
Detox 4 Throughout the Body CAFL

Typically, we try to work with one issue at a time, so I picked #1 on your list... Others would be dealt with in the same manner. Pick (mentally) frequency sets from the list that fit what you want to help, choose a Preset to set the majority of the settings properly, but verifying them, then load the Programs you want, verify the settings, and Start them in the Control tab.

What else can you do with the Starter kit? You could run one or two Contact sessions per day to stimulate activity then use Remote for the rest of the day.

For more details, please check the link from:

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