I had an accident on a water slide which is impacting my pelvic, coccyx area. 3 months later I started to notice some discomfort in the perineum area. It's a burning sensation especially when standing or walking and can affect the bladder to some extent.

1. Based on my knowledge of anatomy & physiology, this = (merely) my own personal suggestions, in no particular order...please take time to click on each & then:
Read their accompanying notes, for your own insight & clarification, so as to make best possible choices - a lot will depend on your personal manifestation re: symptoms;
I just spent some time in front of my Spooky list for you, based on your comments.

* Sun coccyx
* Adhesions pelvic
* Ecchymosis
* Nogier F
* Nogier A
* Fibrosis
* Fasciitis
* Skin scar tissue healing
* Accelerate injury healing
* Tissue healing & regeneration
* Circulation stimulate increase
* Capillaries stimulate healing
* Moon - bladder
* Mars - Bara, pelvic balance
* Moon - chakra sacral
* Chakra base root
* Chakra 2 sacral
* Muscular pain & injury
* Essential oil Present Time
* Essential oil Lavender
* Essential oil Live With Passion
* Essential oil Panaway
* Emotional trauma balance
* Stimulate ligaments healing
* Stimulate muscle healing
* Fibroma secondary
* Stimulate repair nerve damage
* Blood capillaries healing
* Pelvic inflammatory diseases
* Neuritis nerve inflammation
* Joint inflammation
* inflammation general
* Hypoxia
* Circulatory Stasis
* Back harm
* Distortion
* Nogier E
* Subluxation induced disorders

I know it's a long list, but you get the liberty to (pick & choose), plus ...you've suffered this long - this time is worth it, you're worth it. And it's a great learning experience!
Profound wisdom, when one sits patiently (to) read each note.

2. Men in their late 40s and early 50s can develop osteopaenia, the precursor to osteoporosis. If this describes you, it's possible you sustained a hairline fracture of your pelvis. Any time you crack an opening in bone, you provide a door to pathogens. This could be the problem. A biofeedback scan may help. Other than adding appropriate results from the 217 provided by a search for "bone,"

3. I would also suggest some hands-on bodywork! Something gentle though like cranio-sacral work, spineworks or body harmony. If you tell me where you live, I might (no promise) be able to suggest someone or tell you where to look.
Sometimes we need multiple ways.

4. My suggestion is that you use the tens pads on the area of the coccyx or the place where it hurts.

With frequencies: 1.5, 80, 304, 666, 3000 and 6000 Hz (square wave only) each frequency has to last 5 minutes each, at a power of 8 volts of output and then you return them to apply the same frequencies again 3 days, until the pain disappears... I hope and wish you better...

5. Song of spine

For more details, please check the link from:

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