A friend of mine had a large bowl drop out of a cupboard onto her head and she received a concussion. She experience a lot of dizziness to the point she can no longer drive. If anyone out there has had a concussion and had success with spooky treating it.

Concussion would cause inflammation in the brain, and would cause a build up of fluid and pressure in the cerebrospinal tract. So I would research ways to help reduce the pressure in the cerebrospinal tract. New research shows the brain has it's own lymphatic system, so consider running programs for that as well.
Also consider the possibility of a minor stroke.

Programs to consider:
Brain Concussion XTRA
Inflammation General (CAFL)
Edema (various programs)
Lymph Drain Circulation (XTRA)
Hydrocephalus (KHZ) (use 100% positive offeset)

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