I must run a list of programs for a person but some are for healing and some other are for killing. So how can I select different wave settings for this list?

You can use a preset chain. The first preset would contain the killing programs/waveform and the second would be healing.
You would do this by making two separate presets. 

Then, on the Presets tab you select both of these with the down-arrow below the presets list; and they go into the chain list; then you save this chained preset by clicking on the disk icon to the right of the presets-to-chain list and save to user preset folder. 

After that has been done, the chained preset shows up like any other preset - you can run it; and it will do do each preset in order in the chain.
Look in the manual for more information on preset chains.

For more details, please check the link:

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