Dr Klinghardt applies ultrasound to shake up the bugs, collect your urine and then run a DNA analysis to check which bugs' DNA shows up in your urine. Why not put the urine in the remote and hit this specific mutation of the bug directly that why?

1. A quick google (I did not investigate properly) says "Urine itself does not contain DNA, but it may contain epithelial cells, which do contain DNA. Most healthy individuals, however, do not excrete epithelial cells in their urine."

I have run a spectrum sweep on coughed up mucous before when I had a chest infection and I did not experience any negative effects. I have no idea if it helped my illness because I was doing a lot of other things.

2.If you like to shake babesia and others and transfer via Remote, you have to take blood. Best from the Finger of the right hand.
There was already a discussion: 

3.Maybe I missed something written in the OP but, if you run a Hz that resonates with the pathogen, then YOUR DNA and/or Stem Cells will simply ignore that Killing Hz or rather will NOT resonant with that Hz.

So IE:running a Hz for Killing Babesia, you will affect the Babesia ONLY. That is Basic Rife theory 101 so you won't kill yourself. Unless you some how use a Hz by error, that does resonate with your stem cells.

Again, I add emphasis to using Ultrasound.
Dr K said that is very effective on the head to get pathogens and mercury out of the brain and more importantly to confirm that test method which was already discussed on one of my earlier posts.

He stated Ultrasound works well to bust BioFilms.

You MUST use Binders as the Ultrasound liberates Mercury from the brain and without the Binders it will just re-deposit in the body elsewhere.

He stated also. PRIOR to doing this you SHOULD ensure the organs(Kidneys, liver) are working optimally or trouble will result if treatment is started first with weak organs.

Overtaxing the organs will not be a wise idea.

This applies to Rife work too.
Whether Spooky detox protocols work as well as herbals and other binders remains to be "confirmed."
I recommend doing BOTH.
The Hot topic on these "Summits" has been Gut Health. So, SIBO would prevent getting the best results no matter what is being used.

This being a RESEARCH site, which likely, is made up of mostly NON-scientists,,not using The Scientific Method on their own bodies,the testimonials here "could" be opinions based upon placebo effect...more often than not. IMHO

For more details, please check the link:

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