Pet Breeder Success Story: Mastitis, Edema Swelling and Colloidal Silver.

A dog breeder friend shared these results of Mastitis, Edema Swelling and Spooky2 Colloidal Silver. 

Her dam after giving birth developed mastitis in the top 2 mammary glands in her chest. The dam retained a placenta. These are the programs we ran: Mastitis 1 (XTRA)
Ovarian Elimination Stimulation (CAFL) - for hopeful placenta elimination
Streptococcus and Staphylococci V (CAFL) - for uterus and mastitis
Circulation Stimulate Increased (XTRA) - to stimulate blood flow which I thought would encourage any infection to be eliminated. This was the wrong choice.
Colloidal Silver - spray

The breeder also splashed all the mammary glands multiple times a day with Colloidal Silver as well as squirted some into the dam's mouth. Swelling from these two mammary glands went down within a day or two. Breeder routinely uses Colloidal Silver with all her pets with great success. 

However, the last 2 mammary glands close to her vulva swelled badly and very hard to the touch. A vet check determined it was not infected ‘yet’ but as bad as it looked, he stated to bring her back immediately if the milk should change color or become too liquid. He said it was edema swelling due to blood circulating to the area. Ohhh - the Circulation program should not have been running. Wrong choice.

We then ran these programs: 
Edema Swelling (CAFL)
Fluid in Joints and Tissues (XTRA)

In 30 minutes the swelling went down by 75%. In 1.5 hours there was no swelling, only a small ‘spot’ deep inside. The next day, no swelling. The program was stopped after 24 hours. Dam and her babies are fine!!

Again, this breeder saved her breeder mom and pups from antibiotics through the power of frequencies generating through its DNA.
Every breeder should consider owning a Spooky2. The successes we have seen with pets are phenomenal.


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