I am getting my surgical wounds to heal, the "diagnosis" is I have pyoderma gangrenosum. Any suggestions of what else I can try with the Spooky?

1. Generally, if Spooky isn't helping, there are several things to look at:
1) Are you giving the frequencies enough time to do the job?
2) Are the frequencies the correct ones for the task?
3) Is the method being used correct?

#1 question I have is - "Are the wounds red or inflamed?" If not, it may be that there is no pathogen activity at the site, it just needs more time to mend.

#2 question - Are the wounds closed with stitches, etc., so the skin is not flexing/moving, etc.

#3 - Obviously, I don't know what the surgery was for, but is it possible that the body has the priority on healing the internal and not concerned about the external at this time? The body may have only resources enough to deal with so much and the skin - as long as it is not infected, is not a priority for the body.

I think I would do what I can to keep infections away - which I think you are doing with Spooky.

One Preset I found that may help is "Healing and Regeneration (P) - DB" in the Miscellaneous\Plasma and Remote folders of the Presets tab.

2. If you have any of the laser products, twin or wrist then it might be worth running those over the areas struggling to heal. 650nm or around that, which is what the red laser is, is very good for wound healing! Either just have them running unpulsed straight light or run around 10 hz which is good for cellular regeneration. You could also make up some colloidal silver with Spooky and start dressing or spraying with that to combat any potential infection!! I hope you heal quickly. I've posted recently how excited I am about the use of light with Spooky, I am definitely noticing differences in myself by using the lasers.

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