Awesome Remote Setting for BP Frequencies.

1. I would like to share my latest greatly efficient setting designed for BP frequencies.
Though it works at low amplitude (0.02 Volts), it is very strong. It can work with MW frequencies but as some chemicals might be harmful, be cautious.
Copy the .csv file in the spooky2/waveform directory
Copy the .txt file in the spooky2/preset collections/user directory

golden square352.csv

golden kill 20170204 golden square 352 DSB remote 4Hz.txt 

Technical comments
From the golden ratio g = (5^.05 + 1)/2 = 1.618...
is calculated the golden352 ratio = G = (g^g)^g = 3.52....(which is not equal to g^(g^g) = 2.85...)
then, 1024/G^n, with n = 1,2,3... are used to build the golden square 352 waveform (see picture)
and the golden352 section of the circle (360째/G^5 = 0.66....) is used for dephasing OUT1 from OUT2.


The golden square 352 waveform is loaded on OUT1 and OUT2 with X=1,
Spectrum% = 2E-12 % = 0.000000000002%
With a refreshing rate of 4 Hz, an inverted sawtooth wobble frequency is set at E-12 %
with 4Hz * 180 sec = 720 steps, and an output shadowing OUT2 = 1 x OUT1 - (E-12)

Thus, the spectrum% creates a frequency width which will be swept by half in 720 steps during 180 seconds.
More precisely, be F the running frequency, then during 180 seconds,
OUT1 sweeps 720 steps from F to F-(E-12) while
OUT2 sweeps 720 steps from F-(E-12) to F-(2E-12)

Altogether, if the dwelling multiplier is 1, during 180 seconds,
the 2E-12 Hz width will be swept in 2x720 steps = 1440 steps.

This setting can still be improved, feedback is welcome.

2. BP frequencies are based on the structure of pathogen DNA, so all would be used with Killing Presets for highest effectiveness, but any Preset will work...

As for success with them, they are very new (1 or 2 months), so most new users won't have done much with them at this point.

For more details, please check the link:

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