How to use the "BP" (Base Pair)database?

In essence, a BP entry is like any other frequency program.

You would select a Empty (Shell) Preset of choice, load it, and it will apply the frequency like you have been doing all along.

The difference is that instead of a fixed list of frequencies that have been assembled for something over time, you get one frequency for every variant of the pathogen.

You can use a Killing preset, as most entries are for pathogens, if not all. I have not reviewed the entire database.

Let me give you an example:

You get a flu. You look up the program Flu Virus (PROV).

It has frequencies you understand like 88, 728, 800, 2050, etc.

You then look and see there is the Influenza A virus (BP) entry.

This frequency program has 25 variants. For each variant, the genetic code has been turned into a frequency that should resonate and devitalize that particular pathogen.

You add it to your Killing (R) - JW preset.

Now you have 34 frequencies, 25 of which are from BP.

The entire program only takes 1 Hr, 42 minutes, so we are under the 4 hour guideline.

Now you have a better chance of efficacy if you believe you have the Influenza A virus.

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