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If we should use the CPS preset for Charlene's DNA frequencies for contact mode or is that just for remote and plasma?

This depends on the version of the software you are using.

The old interface had by 2016 broken the CPS preset out into a remote and contact version. Prior to this, it was one preset that you could tweak for contact mode by applying reduce amplitude.

The new interface has this preset broken out into the respective categories. Remote is in the remote collection, contact in the contact collection, etc.

As for Feb 2017, the preset has been removed.

All of Char's frequencies are low harmonics. The only thing that the CPS preset did was attempt to raise the frequency to a higher harmonic.

You can do this with any of the Empty (Shell) Presets that exist in the system today.

Pick Killing (R) - JW for remote mode or Killing (C) - JW for contact. Set the lower frequency limit to say 100000, and set a WCM of 4 to allow the generator to hit 20 MHz.

Plasma has very specific requirements, so if you are going to use these frequencies with plasma, you will still load them as is to the Spooky Central General - JW preset for example.

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