Do you run Kundalini, Schumann Resonator and Immune System Stimulation program 24/7 x 365 please?

I do indeed have generators dedicated to my presets.

The Schumann Resonator is on 24/7 and has been since I created it. I have 5 or 6 people in the remote.

Kundalini is on 24/7 and has been since I created it as well. Without this, I start to again suffer from neck binding and migraines from my Type 1 Arthritis in my neck. I also have between 6 and 7 people in the remote.

The Eyesight to Improve that I recently published, is another dedicated setup running 24/7, again 6+ people.

Overall Dental Health, 24/7 with 6+ people.

Immune System Stimulation is one that I do not run 24/7. I have one generator that I bounce between running one thing to another and I switch it usually once a month. In addition to Immune System Stimulation, I also swap in Colloidal Metals (custom with colloidal copper added), HC Converge Sweep when needed, and various other killing modalities can also be placed on this generator.

Essentially, Immune System Stimulation is one I run in opposition to a killing based modality on this generator, and typically it is ran for 4 weeks at a time.

Having only 9 generators, I have 4 dedicated, with one of those in rotation as indicated above.

The other 4 I use like a standard 4 generator setup, one is dedicated to detox, and the other 3 can run what they need. This also leaves me with 4 generators to run 4 generator protocols as needed.

As for the 9th, this generator drives my plasma, PEMF, laser, Radionics, and the occasional contact session.

For more details, please check the link from:

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