I started running the Morgellons & Lyme protocol to R04 on one generator and was amazed by the effect. So I ordered a 2nd generator. Should I just carry on where I left off, but now using the 2 generators, or should I start again from scratch?

1. I am by no means an expert, but I will tell you what I would do.

I would continue with the program, but, alternate running the protocol with running detox frequencies. Perhaps you can run one set during the day, and the other overnight. This may help you keep going.

When you get the 2nd generator, then you will be running the detox/maintenance continually on the 2nd generator, I believe.

2. The fourth preset addresses Strep and Lymphangitis, and if the burden is particularly large, this can lead to a toxic crisis, which is a Herx. Running ALL Maintenance (R) - DB on a second generator will help this. The second generator will be mandatory anyway when you come to the fifth preset (Immunomodulators) and the remainder of the protocol, and I wouldn't advise trying to continue without it. Use the time while waiting to rerun the third preset - Liver and Kidneys.

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