I run 2 remotes in my office, in the next room, 15' from where my 4 year old sleeps. If I'm not using his DNA, is he still getting some of these frequencies?

First my apologies if this post gets a bit too detailed.

The remotes use opposing electromagnetic fields to generate a scalar wave (where the two waves cancel out), and by definition has no direction and only contains information about its magnitude.

This scalar wave consequently does not broadcast like a radio wave.

By inserting a DNA sample, the information of the frequencies is registered by the DNA and through quantum entanglement, all other matching DNA registers this information.

The transmission of this information is instant, and distance is not a factor.

Because the remotes use opposing electromagnetic fields to create the scalar wave, each remote does have an electromagnetic signature. This electromagnetic field does extend a bit, but should not penetrate another room 15 feet away.

I have taken measurements and have trouble registering any electromagnetic field changes past 5 to 6 feet away using a Tri-Field Natural Electromagnetic (EM) Meter using their 10x external antenna.

It is generally recognized that the active field around the remote is about a 6 inch bubble. There is also an audio component to the remotes when the frequency resonates correctly.

Both of these fields may have influence on a subject that is in the same room and close enough to the remotes, but the primary component that does the work is the scalar field bound through DNA.

You should be fine where you have the system located.

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