I ran MW: zolpidem(ambien generic) and Quazepam 10x or 3 hours then go to sleep without any Rx ambien. This morning I do still feel the drugged like effects. Can I run the same 2 frequency sets and it detox from my body by applying Disintegrative factor?

1. Disintegrative factor should break down those elements for detoxing. The only thing is that you run them as frequencies, maybe D.F. only works if u really ingested them physically but it wont add more bad effects, try it!

2. I see 2 possibles here.
Either run the Disintegrating Factor as a test
Or run the "Adverse Drug Reaction XTRA" program to clear the effects.
I don't know which would be more effective.

3. I tried Sleep Restoretive for the past 4 nights for 2 hours before bed. Have been sleeping much better. There was only one night it didn't work.

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