Can anyone please suggest any good wellness programs that they’ve had positive feedback from?

1. Wellness combined with Spirital Well Being has worked for us.
Also ATP GENERATE always seems to help... and
We alternate several Healing and Healing and Regeneration, and Enhanced, and Healing General combos that work well as a break between our cancer detox programs.

1st set: Healing Acceleration; Healing and Regeneration 1 (CAFL): Healing and Regeneration 2 (XTRA)
2nd set: Healing Enhanced (XTRA); Healing Freq. Russian (EXTRA); Healing General (XTRA); Healing Infinite XTRA); Healing Special CUST)
3rd set: Healing (XTRA); Healing 1 (XTRA); Healing 2 (EXTRA); Healing 3 (XTRA)
I like sets 1 and 2, but it all depends how they work for you. We are not experts, but Rob wanted to try something while he figured Spooky out. All on remote (at diff. times...not at once).

2. I really like the solfeggio set.
3. Kundalini.

For more details, please check the link:

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