I find any kind of 'dynamic carrier' seems to mess up the Square H Bomb's beautiful pattern, so I don't use a dynamic carrier with it. Is the Square H-bomb best left alone?

Because of the spectral spread that the Square H Bomb produces, it is not as good of a candidate for modulation, already having qualities of a modulated signal.

However, dynamic carriers and the 11th via contact and remote are not modulated. They are just frequency addition operations.

You can use the both with the Square H Bomb as far as I can tell, but I would keep the multiplier to low numbers, like 16 or less, if using the add F1 to F2 software method.

If you are using the modified Out 2 method, then you are free to pick your multiplier, but you will loose the boost doubling of voltage effect, rendering this method only useful for remote.

You will get two sets of primary frequency bands, at the primary and the added harmonic, coupled with odd harmonics that are of less power trailing up from both the fundamental and the 11th harmonic (if using this #) for instance.

The problem with using the Add F1 to F2 software method to keep the boosted effect is that there are only so many data points to describe the waveform, and the fundamental already has 16 cycles. To also then embed 64 more groups of 16 cycles, leaves less resolution to describe the details.

Using the modified Out 2 method, no changes to the waveform descriptor is required.

For more details, please check the link:

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