How can I set it up for Spooky2 Cold Laser?

Frequencies: 10Hz, 20Hz, 50Hz. Timing should be each frequency for 8 minutes. However, each stimulation needs to be ON for 9 seconds and OFF for 3 seconds. Wave #1 is Sine + Wave#2 is Dampened Sinusoidal.

Most of this is doable, however, there are two things that are not.

1. The on for 9 seconds, and off for 3 seconds is a gate operation with a duty cycle of 75%. The gate implementation of Spooky2 is locked at a 50% duty cycle.

2. The cold laser is to be hooked up directly to Out 1 only. This is to prevent driving it with too much voltage. Requires -10vdc.

To use two different wave forms requires the use of a boost to combine both outputs and can lead to possible damage.

Outside of this.

Create a custom frequency program, add 10, 20, 50 as the frequencies, set the dwell to 480 (8 minutes X 60 seconds).

This sets up your frequencies and 8 minute application time.

Load the Spooky Cold Laser - JW preset, add your custom frequency program.

It will cycle each frequency for 8 minutes using a square wave.

However, there is the matter of the gate.

You have a 12-second gate, and assuming you can accept a 50% duty cycle, means we need to turn it on and off every 6 seconds.

A gate rate of 1 Hz is on and of once per second, which means each part last for half a second.

However, the lowest we can set the gate rate to is 0.1 Hz

If we use a gate rate of 0.1 Hz, it means we till turn it on and off every 10 seconds, with the on being for 5 seconds and off for 5 seconds - the closest we can get.

So Apply 0.1 Hz Gate at (Check) Out 1 on the Settings Tab

Lastly, this will repeat until stopped, so go over to the Programs tab and change the Repeat Sequence to 1

Now it will only run once through.

Save this as a custom user preset.

Now modify it to use a damped sine wave.

Save this as another custom user preset.

Find both and chain them together.

Now you have a chain that will apply the frequencies first using a square wave, and while not at the same time, then apply using a damped sine wave.

Other than not having an idea on how to change the gate to 9 on and 3 off, about the closest I can get it for you.

For more details, please check the link:

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