Am I supposed to feel anything when running the terrain protocol?

1. Within my first 24 hours I had sever stomach cramps and headaches. 36 hours in I felt nothing and this continued unto 60 hours at which point I thought it might not be working 72 hours in definitely herxing.

2. Depends. The first 48 hours are Metals Detox. If you don't feel anything, you are probably pretty clear of these toxins. The next steps may or may not be as comfortable. Totally individual as to what you will or won't react to.

3. If you're feeling something negative, then yes, stop it for a while. With this type of thing it's best to go with your intuition.

Presuming you're using the white remote, some people have a little more toxins than others and react more quickly. They can get what's called a Herx reaction (side effect of treatment as the Spooky kills off bad cells and they enter the system, waiting to be flushed out) even with a remote treatment. My best bet would be to give yourself frequent breaks (it could be a couple of hours or a day) and drink lots of water with lemon to help flush the system. But that's my approach, others may have different ideas. There's also a frequency set to tackle Herxing if you really want to push on with treatment.

4. What I did was got in a detox bath for 30 mins with salts & clay & did a warm water enema. I feel a lot better so I'll press on but if it gets scary again & I can't get it to calm down, I'll pause it for a while.

5. You should be taking chlorella during the metal detox part to help get the metal out of your system. For the people with a lot of metal toxins the metal detox could be intense if you don't.

6. Ascorbate acid works very well for heavy metals.

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