Is it possible the detox affected my daughter, grandkids, family and then my son-in-law caught whatever came out of them?

There are some who use Rife via remote and believe that since DNA is shared, that it is possible to say treat yourself, and a portion of that will go to your parents and your kids.

While the theory is sound, I have not been able to increase the efficacy of my treatment by adding my Mom or daughter to the remote.

I have not had any efficacy for something I do respond to by treating just my Mom and my daughter; which by theory, should equate to 100% efficacy to me.

I have not had any efficacy treating my Mom using my daughter and myself. Likewise, I have not had any efficacy treating my daughter using myself and my Mom.

My current stance is the theory is nice, but DNA is specific to each and every single individual with identical twins possibly being the only ones that need to worry.


As to the treatment of people not related in a single remote, I posted a while back on experiments and theories that could lend consideration for issues. However; in practice, there have been no issues recorded from hundreds of thousands of hours of remote treatment from many users. Because I am conservative, I would continue to keep human and non-human DNA isolated from each other.


As for shared symptomatic responses, I have experienced this once. I believe there is more going on than just the effects of the remote when this happens, and may not even require a remote to have the experience.

However, I have not found any evidence that any actual physical transference takes place. It all seems to be only symptomatic effects that do not last.

If you find yourself entrained with another and you share an experience while both are in a remote, stop and separate the samples and the experience should fade.

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