I have an issue with my C5,6 & 7 discs and wanted to use PEMF coil for this. Can PEMF be used above the shoulders? I have a generator, not the Spooky Central. Can anyone tell me if using the PEMF in this region is considered safe?

PEMF has been shown to kill cancer within the Brain.

Very specific frequencies are being researched for Very Specific types of brain cancer.

Search Spooky forum as links were posted several times.

I do think we need to be careful of the POWER for above shoulder placement,if your are considering a device other than Spooky, which has a relatively weak PEMF intensity compared to say a Doug Coil.

Not sure but, too strong a pulse could potentially affect the Vagus Nerve, maybe poorly. Just a guess.

Mostly it is Direct Current methods that is the troublesome method in the brain zone.

I have used a ICES Micro-Pulse on my eyes and brain with out issue.

A woman was reported to go blind after using a certain Canadian company's device by Contact method on her eyes.
Who instructed her to do that?!
Dr Kondrot uses MicroCurrent to help eye issues but, that is likely no more than 600uAmps.

For more details, please check the link:

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