Have any of you ever found frequencies of common foods that we might use in a biofeedback to test for allergies?

Misty, a simple way to test for food allergies that worked for me was a modified COCA PULSE TEST (just Google it). When I say modified, I mean totally avoid the food to be tested for a full week or longer, e.g. peanuts. Then on an empty stomach take your pulse, eat a good size serving of the test food, then take your pulse again. If it increases more than 6 beats per minute (on average) there's a good chance you are allergic to that food. I'm not sure how someone would duplicate this test on a Spooky2, but the pulse sensor used in biofeedback testing would also be a way to measure it.

Arthur Cocoa had a book called the pulse test. Sit down after 10 mins take a pulse over 15 seconds then times by four for an average of a minute. Then take a food look at it smell it, taste it if safe to do so ie not obviously allergic or hold by thymus point mid upper chest, then whilst still seated take pulse again, over 15 seconds times four for a minute, an increase of five or more may prove some sensitivity an increase of ten or more will show an intolerance or an allergy either way it's a very good indicator, you can then put it in a list of foods substances to avoid, for a few weeks and see how you improve.

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