I wonder if anyone can suggest frequencies for muscle spasms and soothing the pain. Any comments are welcome.

1. Using tendons repair xtra + diffuse myofascial pain syndrome xtra, which gave good results here.

2. Search for "spams" (without quotes) in Programs tab and try the CAFL and XTRA programs. Try plasma, contact, wrist laser, or Remote in that order of preference depending on what accessories you have available. 15-30 minutes of plasma should get results, else 1-2 hours of contact a day or run the Remote non stop for a week and see if you get any results. Eg. Try Shell (empty) presets\remote\Healing JW or Healing MM.

If using contact start with say 10V Amplitude in Settings and Tick Reduce Amplitude below 10KHz Don't use boost to start with until you find out what voltage level (current) you are comfortable with.

With regard to pain search Programs for "muscle pain" and try the CAFL and or XTRA programs first.

If you have intense pain consider trying "Naltrexone MW" You will have to experiment how long you run this program. As a rough guideline 1 minute plasma equals about 10-15 minutes contact time and 15 minutes contact time equals about 150-225 minutes with Remote. Maybe someone else can chime in with Wrist laser comparable run times as I haven't tried this accessory yet.

You can have the exact MOR and still not kill the pathogens.
The biofilms and cloaking methods of using Heavy Metals, protect the pathogens from the frequencies. Like a Faraday Cage.

You need to use methods to bust the biofilms open. Dr K said Ultrasound is one such a method. If you have a Spooky Central use the Ultrasound every time and you should get more benefits from frequencies all other things being equal. you still need the MOR to do the job even if they are outside of the protection of the biofilm coverage. Almost like Calling for Henry when only George is around. George will not respond to you screaming for "Henry."

Actually he may just become annoyed and tell you to shut up.

For more details, please check the link:

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