I was on bioresonance scan which showed that I have among others Borrelia Novyi. I can't find this type of borrelia in Spooky2's frequencies. Any suggestions?

1. I would go to a trustworthy person with knowledge and practice in Darkfield Microscopy, to have a look into my blood.

Then I would use my spooky Pulse feedback system, to get my own frequencies, to work with. Because borrelia in your body will have there own MOR, they have your body as host, so they are unique like You.

Borrelia Novyi.pdf

2.There are often some good deals on Ebay for microscopes.

Maybe friends could get together and pool money to get one and share it.

A local practitioner charges $150 for just one session of Live Blood Analysis with their microscope!

Having access to one to track if you are making progress is good to have without having to keep shelling out $150 each time.

Other members here can give tips on what features to look for. Also do a search as past Posts have already discussed this.
Having a Video camera to record it and view it on a screen is ideal too.

I don't have a camera but the microscope was "good enough" to see the larger pathogens, even without a Darkfield condenser but without that it causes me a great deal of eye strain, AND Neck fatigue. So, Camera, Darkfield Condenser, and GOOD objectives would be required.

If you have many "Floaters" in your eyes,(Like ME) when you use the microscope, they are greatly magnified, so much that it is only with great difficulty will you be able to see the specimen clearly.

Even if seeing the Borrelia spirochete, remember there are hundreds of strains world wide, per Dr Klinghardt, and all would have a unique MOR. So, a bioscan would still be needed or a lab test, to determine what strain, thus which Hz to use against it. New mutants are being discovered often.

Which IMHO means USE HERBS too to fight them, Not just frequencies. Detoxing, boosting organs, also.
I am ordering Mimosa Pudica to test.
Anyone who has used it, please post your results.

For more details, please check the link:

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