Has anyone ever tried this combo of Colloidal Silver and DMSO? Just curious on what peoples experiences or suggestions on it. It would seem they would work well together?

Yes, I use in the moment DMSO 70% - 30% silver Colloid. Ok the reason why. My wife uses in the moment 50% DMSO with 10% magnesium and 40% pure water solution. Her mixture was empty and she asked me, to make a other solution like I said with 70% DMSO. 70% was not the ideal mixture. I made her 50/10/40 mixture, which is really powerful. She has a hip joint damage, due to 50 years of duty as nurse in the Hospital. Her condition changed in the last day from bad to OK. Of course she makes now more consequently plasma therapy with the spooky central. Using the PEMF, the Contact and the plasma in at once, with great success. Her MRT was terrible and the specialists say, her hip joint has to be removed, because of the condition.

So now to the DMSO with silver colloid. I use it in combination with lugol solution. DMSO and Lugol Iodine are working perfect together. The silver colloid will not harm, it can be useful to help recombine nerves. I have now at least 7 years intensive experience with silver colloid. It is one of the best antibiotic. But not in homeophatic doses. It should be used in emergency situation same like antibiotics and in high dosages, then there will be great benefit. It can be in combi (DMSO/silver Colloid) useful, when there is a inflammation in the tissue, to bring the silver through the skin on the special place. If it has benefit to ingest the combi, I don’t know.

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