Is there a plasma sweep for certain species? There are termites at my house, eating everything. I want to use remote, but I never saw one anywhere, but they sure are there as all the wood is being eaten.

1. If one does not remove the source of an issue, it will only return. This is true for pathogens as it is for mold. If I continually expose myself to someone sick, I may no longer get sick if my immunity has adapted, but I still have a chance for re-infection, only now my body responds and kills it before it becomes a problem.

Where conditions exist for life to exist, it will manifest.

So while I can kill the mold that exists with the plasma (also did this with remote before I had plasma), if the conditions for mold exists, it will grow. Super expired bread kept in a plastic bag with moisture is just begging to grow mold.

Mold spores are almost always present in the air if you have had any growth in the first place. Like in my test in the bathroom, had I been unable to grow it in the first place, my test would have been mute.

As for the termites, I really don't know. You could try running termite related sets via the Spooky Central General or the Golden Ratio (P) preset for the SC. Set the dwell multiplier to 5 or 10, depending on the total time. The goal is to try and keep it to about 8 hours or less, and try to get as much exposure to each frequency time you can. Dwell multiplier set to 10 will make most frequencies 30 minutes each, so this would work for instance with a program that had only 16 frequencies.

I suggest the 8 hour limit because after this you may start to feel over exposed to plasma. I can go 16 hours before I better take a break, but I've built this up over time.

When I first got plasma, I got a bit over zealous and put myself into a 3 day herx after a few days of use. Still to this day, if I go 16 hours, and then don't take a day break, by day 2 I will start to feel off.

Run that configuration every day if you can. The benefit of doing insects with remote is you can keep pressure on them 24/7. With plasma, I don't think it is wise to run it 24/7.

If this approach does not produce results over a week, then switch gears and try the \Miscellaneous\Plasma\Overnight Kill 8 Hours (P) - JW preset as the next suggestion.

This targets about 50% of all frequencies in the database. A bit more of a shotgun approach, and the side effect is you may also kill mold, pathogens, etc. all through the area of effect.

The only drawback is you may not be able to run this daily. After about 3 days you may feel the effects of plasma exposure.

Aside from this, you may really wish to reconsider the remote approach if you ever find a sample of the pest. Put one in a remote and run the Spooky Converge Sweep on it for a month.

Hope to hear about how it goes to aid us in learning more.

2. I had a couple of large bull ants nests around my home and I found their nesting place entry/exits and put Bi-Carbonate of Soda walls around the holes and after a few days most of the population was almost gone. I haven't completely eradicated them. but I just keep reducing their population when I find them.

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