What is the proper way to connect Out1 and Out2 cables to the generator when using Spooky2 Central, with or without Boost?

To clear up the wiring, the SC must never use a boosted port (every other port on the boost other than Out 1 and Out 2). The SC should always have Out 1 wired to Input, and Out 2 wired to Modulation.

On page 22, the instructions to first wire up a boost 2.0 (also qualifies for the 3.0) to the generator first, allows you to later easily connect a remote to the boost, to make use of Generator 1 in remote mode when not using plasma.

The Out 1 and Out 2 ports on the boost 2.0/3.0 are the same as the Out 1 and Out 2 ports of the generator, and you would make use of these pass through connections to wire up the SC if the boost is wired to the generator.

As for making use of the Scalar Field of the plasma with a DNA sample, I would not tape it to the tube due to heat. Instead, just ensure the DNA sample is as close to the tube as possible. If it is within 6 inches or less, you should be OK.

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