Is anyone out there who has successfully gotten rid of scabies with spooky2?

There appears to be a long lived scabies mite spreading. Can live up to 9 months without a blood meal. l used the killing jw via remote using the presets for mite follicle, mite infestation, and both scabies programs and ran it for 5 days before l was able to dry up some of the worst places. It is running continuously for me and my dogs, and l have an environmental remote with the same presets running to kill those in the house that l can't see. After two weeks, l can wear the same clothes more than once, noticeable difference in dogs scratching and biting, Because we get re-infested by family once a week, l may have them running forever, but the freedom of very very few itches is wonderful.

2.A couple adjunct things you can try:
1)Kleen Green enzyme mite killer is a non-toxic anti-mite solution that can be sprayed all over the home, sprayed on body or bathed in.

2)Essential oil diffusers (ultrasonic nebulizer types) - you can fumigate your home around the clock with non-toxic essential oils, like tea tree, etc. By doing this, you create an environment that is completely inhospitable to mites of any sort. Best of luck.

3.Also consider trying high grade Melaleuca Alternifolia oil or Tea Tree Oil of Australia. fungicide, germicide, antiseptic, anesthetic that also dries out many bugs exoskeleton and kills them. Also check out food grade Diatomaceous Earth, micro sized sharp silica that can be sprinkled on dry and put about 1/2 tsp. in 1/4 cup water & mix well & swallow quick on empty stomach, once a week working up to 3 times per week...once a month. Investigate directions online, too.

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