I have outstripped my ATP production in the Mitochondria Krebs cycle. Can anyone suggest any relevant healing frequency or program that I can run in contact overnight to support my body in getting back on track?

1. You're over my head in what symptoms, etc., you are having, but I have been having success in balancing the body with the Meridian Programs in a Healing Remote Shell Preset.

Since you want to use Contact, choose a Healing Contact Preset.

Other options are to search either normalize or balance in the Programs database and choose appropriately.

2.Carbon 60 (C60) and carnosine for mitochondria - make a C60 custom program MW 720.660 g/mol.

3.We are trying to boost mitochondria and increase 02 levels in blood, and reduce sugar levels. So far I add the ozone, oxygen, and DCA preset programs, but I will not try some tests on the D-Ribose, and the C60. I had read about D-ribose, but had not heard of C60 with respect to mitochondria. We measure 02 levels using a oxygen saturation tester that you can get at the drug store for about 40 bucks. I also use a lactic acid blood tester (that was 300 bucks and they did not want to sell it to me) which should go down.

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