I have cholera history. Still have some of the symptom and quite obvious when I am sick. I know it would be better to use essential kit with two generators but I want to know it is necessary for my case. 

You could certainly start with just one generator.

The advantages of having two is that you'll be able to run both a killing modality program and a support/healing/detox modality at the same time.

Many of us started out with half as many generators as we ended up with a few weeks later -- placing a second order within weeks of getting our first.

Myself, I wasn't sure when I went to investigate the Spooky2 offering. I told myself if I order one and I like it and it worked, I'd only end up having to order a second later. So I ordered two to save on shipping. Turns out that after a week, I ended up ordering 2 more. Now I have 11 generators, but I also have more than myself in them.

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In the end, having a second generator to perform detox/healing/maintenance as you target issues with the primary generator does have its advantages.

With a single generator you would just have to bounce back and forth between which is certainly doable.

You could do all applications via contact, first targeting an issue, then running behind it a support program and repeat this pattern daily -- albeit you would be wired the entire time.

The alternative would be to run a targeted remote program for say 5 - 7 days, and then switch over to a support program for the next 5 - 7 days. Progress would be slower, and you would have to ensure that you were not putting to many things into one remote program. The current recommendation is to not stack more than 4 hours of programs into a remote loop. Ideally, you would even go so far as to keep it to 1 to 2 hours.

This is where multiple generators come into play, as you then have the ability to work on more than one target at a time and retain efficacy.

In your case, you have identified one issue you wish to target. However, there is a lot of emphasis on providing support to the body to deal with the toxins that would be released as those pathogens die off. As a matter of fact, we generally recommend running a terrain detox first before targeting issues. This is to prepare the body's detox pathways so that one can deal with the die off better. While not imperative, the body may respond to the toxic overload in the form of a Herxheimer reaction. While not always avoidable even when doing support on a second generator, the odds are better to avoid if your body's detox mechanisms are in working order.

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