How to counter or prevent intestine inflammation or herx due to perhaps running a program on remote too long?

1. Yes, running 1-4 frequencies verses many frequencies some have said is more effective for them. This seems to come from those who are very sensitive and not running long preset protocols line Lyme.

When you feel this inflammation coming on, stop and break a day - a week, whatever break is needed. When I ran ML, I routinely had to break for 2 weeks to detox from the Herx.

Some run during the day but let body rest at night.
1 person runs Sp2 5 days, breaks for weekend.

Spooky2 programs for Herx: Herxheimer 1 and Herxheimer 2

You can do other natural remedies to help in removing the toxins like Detox Drops a homeopathic remedy, activated charcoal, coffee enemas.

Leaky gut is one of those core things. It needs fixing for best elimination.

2. I've had inflammation from treatment. Simply do a biofeedback scan for the inflammation. But if inflammation recurs from contact or plasma, try sticking to remote treatment for a while until the inflammation calms down.

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