I had an injury in my right adductor. However, it became worse and worse. I even had pain during normal walking. The problem is that until today I didn't know what is my injury, I just know that it hurts in my ligaments and sometimes until my navel.

1. First I would try frequency 464, 465 and close around these numbers. To do this; use
Healing (R) - MM preset and sciatica 1 (cafl) program; then, to get the frequency wobble adjust the settings page to have Frequency Wobble = Inverted Sawtooth .025% 16.

2. Dominik - DMSO (di-methyl sulfate) is a miracle organic compound that transcends dermal,blood-borne barrier & is an excellent analgesic, and in alternative medicine circles , also a key delivery vehicle of driving compounds into pathogens and cells (cancer cells for 1). There a lot of uses for this "reject" of the wood processing industry - plenty of resources online. BTW , I have the same injury you do, and I have used the SOTA Instruments Magnetic Pulser (PEMF) with some healing success.

3. This might help you, my husband complained of pain in his hip a few days ago.

I looked in the Spooky2 database and found 4 programs pertaining to the hip.

I ran them overnight via remote, and in the morning he said his hip felt better. For good measure, I ran the frequencies for 3 or 4 more days.

See below for the frequency sets used:

For more details, please check the link:

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