I'm wondering if program with Schumann resonance shouldn't be updated?

Here is why the answer is no.

The Schumann Resonance is a mathematical ideal number -- 7.83 Hz

It is modeled on the actual source of the resonance, the ringing of the bell effect that lightning has on the earth's atmosphere.

The measured resonance always is in flux. The rate of resonance is determined by the actual size of the earth and the thickness of the atmosphere, as it propagates around the earth and fluctuates based on the number of active strikes and locations on the Earth. Not cosmic rays, solar winds, or ascension energy.

The graph you show shows activity at the harmonics, as there is actually more than one resonant frequency involved in this process.

If you take the measurements over the course of any time period, you will see spikes and dips. If you average them out, they come back out to nearly 7.83 Hz every time.

Don't be fooled by the articles.

Understand the different bands of the Schumann Resonance and you will understand the graph better.

Furthermore, the Schumann Resonator preset already takes the spikes into consideration.

The reason I used a Fibonacci 6 stage wobble in the resonator is in fact to semi-simulate the range of frequencies that is recorded on a day to day basis, even though they do not follow a Fibonacci ratio. This was in part me experimenting, and in part trying to give room for the fluctuations that you do see.

If you subscribe to the ascension process, then consider this as well.

If the Schumann resonances are indeed changing because the world we live in is in transformation (which I do buy into), then all matter is changing as well.

This means that all frequencies are shifting, not just the Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hz. Either you buy that 7.83 still works while we undergo change as we expect the rest of the frequencies in the database, or you have to re-calibrate the entire database to match the changes.

Until we have definitive proof that everything has finished their shift, I'm sticking to 7.83 as the seed, with the understanding that it is fluctuating, spiking, etc.

Once we complete the transformation, and measure a new resonance, I'll use that as the seed and look forward to rediscovering what the new frequencies are for everything else. That is if we even still need technology to do these things.

Also understand that the Schumann Resonator was tested in remote mode as it is currently configured by a 3rd party, and confirmed to match the observable and expected results on the body against PEMF based resonators.

This was done at 1500 miles on multiple targets, confirmed by a certified dark field microscopy technician.

To change it would change its behavior.

It would no longer reverse rouleaux blood, stimulate the immune system, and help restore biological rhythms, etc.

The body breaks down in the absence of the 7.83 Hz resonance. We are always exposed to it when above ground, but with all the EMF we are surrounded by now a days, having a secondary source to boost the natural source is wise.

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