It mentioned Rife used very high frequencies, into the millions, even ten millions, number wise, particularly with cancer and other terminal illnesses. I'm wondering if there is a way to treat or scan for the very high frequencies?

The lower range frequency scans rely on harmonics to resonate with the higher frequency pathogens for results. This works to some degree, but scanning the specific range is better.

There is, in the Biofeedback \ Cancer Presets folder, a scan for 11 to 13 MHZ. This is specifically for scanning the cancer frequency range to find the base frequency of cancers, rather than a lower harmonic.

Amplification only affects how much power is going into the frequencies being generated, which does have an effect on the amount of power going into upper harmonics as well.

Wobbles vary the amplitude or frequency in minor amounts to make sure that any organisms that may be mutating slightly out of range of the primary frequency are gotten as well.

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