Frequencies for Cancers as Virus Infections.

Those who are familiar with the research of Dr. Royal Rife are aware that he discovered a very small organism in carcinoma tumors in the early 1930s. He called the organism BX or carcinoma virus. He also discovered an organism he called BY or sarcoma virus. In 1934 he was able to destroy 100% of cancer tumors by killing these organisms with frequencies. The British Rife Research Group has determined that the
frequency that Rife used in 1934 was 12.832 MHz. This would produce a lower harmonic of 1.604 MHz which has previously been thought to be Rife’s BX frequency! We did some fine tuning and we came up with 12,833,000 with a lower octave of 1,604,125. There are good reports coming from people who are experimenting with these frequencies or even the lower octave at 3133.0565 Hz. The organisms are now sometimes called CAV and SAV.

In 2013 a very interesting research project was reported in the New England Journal of Medicine. The article can be seen at

The research involved glioblastoma brain cancer patients. The standard treatment is surgical removal of as much of the tumor as possible followed by radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The survival time with this treatment program averages about 12-13 months.

It is known that a virus called cytomegalovirus is often found in glioblastoma and some other tumors.A group of oncologists in Sweden decided to treat glioblastoma patients with the standard program with the addition of an antiviral medication called Valganciclovir or “Valcyte.”

The medication did reduce the cytomegalovirus loads. The researchers did not know about Rife’s BX but the medication does reduce it too. This was very good for patient outcomes.

The patients who received at least 6 months of the medication survived an average of 24 months. Another group of patients received Valganciclovir for a full two years and at the end of that time 90% were still alive! Perhaps the other 10% died of the chemo and radiation.

You would think that doctors all over the world would be putting their cancer patients on antiviral medications. Alas, this is still not “standard of care” and it is seldom done.

For those who have frequency equipment and want to experiment, consider sweeping from 1604075 to 1604175. 11779500-11780500 can be used.

For SAV or BY you can consider the above frequency plus sweeping from
11,429,800 to 11,430,200.

Most adults have at least a low level of CAV/BX and SAV/BY. Why do the scores go up in some people resulting in cancer? Here are some causes.

*Genetic Factor*: If a woman becomes infected with syphilis, her immune system makes antibodies to try to fight off the disease. If she has children after that point, they will also make antibodies to syphilis, a disease that they do not have. And her daughters will in turn pass this tendency to make the antibodies to their children. This continue generation after generation. Carcinoma, sarcoma and leukemia are genetic
factor precursor cancers. You cannot get these cancers without genetic factor. The source of the problem can be many generations in the past.

*Mold toxins* cause the CAV and other scores to go up.

*Chemical and especially medication toxins* raise the levels of CAV and the other cancer pathogens.

*Radiation stress* raises the levels of CAV and the others. Even a set of dental X-rays will increase CAV and the rest.

*Bacterial infections* such as staph and Strep pneumoniae can raise CAV and the others.

*Geopathic stress* can be a factor.

*Electro-smog* can be a factor.

*Emotions* such as fear or bitterness from emotional trauma can be factors.

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    Richard Loyd

    Thank you Penny Yu for posting this article of mine. 12,833,000 and the lower octaves at 1,604,125 and 3133.0565 continue to work very well. - Richard Loyd

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