The process of scanning frequencies and looking for a response in your heart rate. Does it work the same for injuries?

Yes, it works in the same way.
If you have an injury, there is a wide range of treatments in database.
There's trauma, ligament and nerve healing etc. - a wide range.
You would download everything relevant to your condition and scan.
There's Cannabidiol, and other similar treatments, which help with inflammation and pain.

You could use the Grade Scan, but change the waveform to Square (or other suitable healing wave).

The Max BPM are not suitable, so you could change this to Min BPM, as you are looking for what will soothe and heal (and therefore reduce the heartbeat).

However, I find that Max HRV also works well for finding the optimum healing and detox treatments, and I now use this a lot.

As with everything, what you get out depends on what you put in, so you need to research database throughly.

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